A Journey to the Great Beyond – Beyonders

I just finished reading Brandon Mull’s new book – “Beyonders: A World Without Heroes”.  After “The Surrendered” I decided I needed some light, fun, adventurous YA reading.  And yes.  I do routinely read YA novels. And I enjoy them.  Don’t judge.

So back to “Beyonders”.  I think it’s a great light, fun read.  The only critique I would have is that the adventures didn’t seem, well, so adventurous.  The heroes seem to get out of tight situations a little too easily and everything fits together just a little too well.  And yes, you can argue “Well you’re reading YA fiction! What did you expect?”  But I would argue that there are many YA fiction books that are entertaining to children and adults alike. Examples include: The Artemis Fowl series, the “His Dark Materials” series, and The Hunger Games.  In terms of complexity of characters, plot, etc. I would put it at about the same level as the Percy Jackson books.

Regardless, there is almost no chance that I won’t be picking up the next book in this trilogy when it comes out in 2012.   “Beyonders” tracks the adventures of Jason and Rachel, two American teenagers, who end up in a mythical world called Lyrian full of strange creatures and an evil ruler, Maldor.  In a world without heroes (like how I brought in the subtitle of the book? 😉 ), Jason and Rachel seek to become the much-needed heroes, ridding the world of its evil despot.  How could you not want to read a book with that kind of plot?

All in all if you’re looking for a light, fun fantasy read, I recommend “Beyonders” and any of the other series mentioned above =)

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