Flitting Around Fablehaven

After reading “Beyonders”, I decided I should backtrack and read Brandon Mull’s flagship series “Fablehaven”.   So far I’ve only read the first book, but I’ve found it enjoyable, although somewhat lacking in – something.  I enjoy the rich world that Mr. Mull creates – full of interesting creatures, wonderful environments, and formidable adversaries.

The one struggle I have with the book is that the main characters aren’t particularly likable.  Kendra, one of the two main characters, is too goody two shoes, although her character becomes more interesting as the book continues.  Seth, her younger brother, is also a bit on the one-dimensional side – always doing exactly what he is told not to do… just cause.   And the adventures are interesting but aren’t that gripping.  The world is, however, filled with many interesting side characters that make up for what the main characters lack.  One of my favorite characters is Lena, the housekeeper and former naiad.  Her back story is interesting, as is her role throughout the book.  I also really liked Murial, the evil witch who lives in the forest.

Overall I think this is a great fantasy / young adult book if you’re looking for a light, fun read.

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