Random Acts of Kindness

As I was walking through Times Square today I saw an older man across the street fall.  He looked in pain, and had a hard time getting up.  He reached out his arms to a random stranger who quickly came over, helped heft him up on his feet, picked up the fallen man’s stuff off the ground, gave him a pat on the back and a smile, and, after making sure he was okay, walked away.

A few months ago I was walking to catch a subway and saw an old Asian woman sitting in the corner.  There were no signs asking for food or money, in fact I barely saw her.  But she clearly needed help.  She was emaciated and had no visible sign of family or friends around her.  She must have been at least 70 or 80.  A man stopped, bent down, spoke to her, gave her some food.  He was trying to do what he could to help her.

Everyday I’m amazed by the random acts of kindness I see all around me.

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