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Sorry for the long break…

But I hope to be back again soon! I’ve been busy with a new job and a variety of other things, but I hope to be able to blog about all the cool new books I’ve read lately including:

— Ben Mezrich’s Sex on the Moon
— Daniel H. Wilson’s Robopocalypse
— Tony Wagner’s The Global Achievement Gap
— Brandon Sanderson’s The Mistborn Trilogy

And, on a separate note, I was able to attend a reading at Barnes and Noble by none other than George R.R. Martin! Needless to say, it was quite a treat.


Hello greater internet world and welcome to my little slice of the net! In case you haven’t realized it yet, I’m a reader.  I read. A  lot.  Mostly fiction, but these days I’ve also spent considerable time in the worlds of fantasy / sci fi (yes I know, also fiction but it’s different! I swear!) as well as non-fiction.

The impetus for this blog hearkens back to a trip to Seattle and the Elliot Bay Book Company, perhaps the world’s most awesome bookstore.  What makes it so awesome you may ask? Well it’s big, first of all.   It’s also got that great independent bookstore feel, with the creaky wooden stairs and, well, personality.  You know it when you see it. But most of all it’s the recommendations.  They were EVERYWHERE, handwritten and signed.  Wandering around the bookstore I found books I loved (Artemis Fowl, The Little Prince, Les Miserables, Thank You for Smoking, Norwegian Wood), all with a great  review and, (could it be?) all reviewed by the same person! Could it be there was someone out there with what appeared to share my exact same taste in books??  And so the hunt began.  I wandered the bookstore looking for other books with the same messy scrawl.  Every time I found a new tag in the same familiar handwriting, I would pick it up, read the back, and lo and behold1 The book was right up my alley!  Needless to say I spent more money than I planned that day.

Over the years I’ve spent quite a bit of time sharing my love of reading with all those around me.  And I’m always looking for new books to add to my pile of “to reads”.  I hope this blog will be a place people can come to find new worlds to explore and new ideas to mull about.  And maybe somewhere, someone will have the same experience I did at Elliot Bay.